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HCM01 'Case' Study

The Celise team combines it's core development principles with direct market research when creating new packaging products. After numerous surveys and research interviews, our team found that cannabis consumers are seeking products that offer more units per pack, are portable, and ready-to-use

When we combine our market research with unique capabilities, we quickly found that developing a universal case for pre-roll multi-packs and other SKUs offered a unique product-cost advantage with added sustainability preferences. 

  • Compostably made & fully biodegradable

  • Hold multiple product types for SKU consolidation

  • Compete with traditional plastic on functionality & price

  • Durable with shelf-life guarantee

  • Low lead, made in the USA

Development Criteria

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HCM01 Case in Action

Celise HCM01 case walls are designed with both strength and compostability in mind. They're CR certified with a snap-fit seal and press-release mechanism on three sides. Our cases are made with 100% HCM01 and HCM01 fibre blends for increased shelf appeal and sustainable differentiation. 

  • Designed for pre-roll multi-packs and custom product inserts

  • Made compostably from HCM01 or unique HCM01 fibre blends

  • Preserve and protect product throughout use-life

  • Compatible with Celise return program

  • Cost under $0.50 per unit

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coming soon in February 2024.


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