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meet HCM01:

Home Compostable Material 01

replicating plastic functionality without the environmental consequences

HCM01 is the result of extensive commercial material
development to create the most balanced blend of
sustainability and packaging performance yet.

Tackling challenges with bioplastics 

Today's biomaterials are falling short when it comes to replacing plastic. Cracking, brittleness, heat sensitivity, short shelf-lives, cost and greenwashing are all issues that biomaterials must overcome to achieve mass adoption for single-use packaging changeovers. 

  • sustainably sourced

  • accessibly priced

  • crack-resistant

  • heat tolerant

  • shelf-life Guarantee

Additionally, HCM01 is a moldable resin with over 30 base blends to achieve a range of packaging performance properties. Pellets are naturally opaque with UV protection and are formulated in the USA.

Celise HCM01 Properties:

HCM01 is a blend of pre-certified biodegradable and compostable materials designed to mimic plastic polymer chains. Our resins are fully recyclable and  compostable at home in products up to one milimeter thick.

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Stacking Up Against the Competition

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A material with nothing to hide

HCM01-based products can compost at home within 12 months, or 60 days in our free reuse & compost program.

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