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Creating People, Planet & Profit Healthy Packaging

We're working closely with our customers to maximize packaging ROI through sustainable design, proven compostable products, and marketing differentiation to increase brand retention, goodwill, and environmental responsibility. ​


Celise began out of frustration, picking up several trash bags full of plastic waste scattered along hiking trails. We began extensive research into biomaterials with a particular focus in foodservice and cost analysis. After becoming an international supplier with four of the big eight distributors, COVID grounded our business overnight. We went back to our roots in entrepreneurship and niched in cannabis-related packaging to combat the mounting single-use waste problem. Today, we're opening up novel material blends to suit a wide range of specific packaging applications made entirely in the USA.

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In a world covered in plastic,

we're revealing a sustainable future.

Let's work together to meet your packaging goals through sustainable design & lean manufacturing.

  • tailored performance materials 

  • concept to creation capable

  • in-house design studio

  • always compostable

  • always guaranteed

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