Value Beyond the Product Line
The Celise Difference

More Than a Supplier

Our team at Celise is committed to making eco-friendly, plant-based products available to all foodservice locations. We understand local and state regulations on plastic bans. We compile and analyze data to better inform our clients and potential clients on increasing eco-active communities. Moreover, we strive to provide the highest quality products at the most affordable prices for you and your customers. You're not a customer with Celise, you're a client. 

What Does Celise Do for My Business?

We work with all of our clients to improve order efficiencies, make better, informed decisions based on data in located areas, and cut cost increases in the switch from plastics to sustainable alternatives.

  • Automated or one-click reorders

  • Celise+ Membership Program

  • Data tracking and compilation reports

  • Tailored pricing based on quantity needs

  • Social and web features to drive traffic to your business

  • Affinity Perks

Ordering Has Never Been So Easy

After your first order with Celise and your business becomes a valued client of ours, your Account page will automatically update with a "Re-Order" tab! Once you hit Re-Order, you'll be prompted to confirm the Re-Order of your previous purchase and automatically receive an invoice! We can also provide automatic re-orders to simply send invoices every month or bi-monthly based on your business' needs.

Dedication to the Cause 

The planet comes first. We only have one and it's important to keep it healthy. While Celise works in the war room to prevent further plastic contamination, we support the organizations and initiatives on the frontline in cleaning up plastic pollution in our oceans, landfills, and forests by donating a portion of our annual profits. We partner with renowned organizations with firm commitments to the environment because we believe in a healthier, cleaner future.