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  Creating a Zero Waste Packaging Economy With Our Customers  

Concept to Creation:

A Universal Material Replacement

Many companies with large amounts of single-use plastic waste, regulated or not, often struggle to find sustainable alternatives that harmonize quality, cost, strength and performance needs. Celise BioProducts can create novel biomaterials that suit your product application, design new packaging from scratch to comply with regulations, or take over existing tools to manufacture your products in sustainable form right here in Oregon, USA.

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Packaging With Purpose

Celise BioProducts is dedicated to the advancement of biomaterial performance in our relentless pursuit to replace plastic as the universal, single-use packaging material. All of the materials we offer are 100% made from renewable ingredients, blended to achieve desired performance and compostability results. 

As a company dedicated to sustainability for all of its stakeholders, we believe that sustainability doesn't stop on the downstream. Packaging manufacturers should take more responsibility for the products they produce, which is why we're partnering with dispensary packaging return programs across North America, including launching our own for our direct brand customers, to take back and reuse or compost of all of our packaging returns. 

We're on a mission to create a circular waste economy, manufacturing products while offering a truly zero waste packaging solution to pharmacies, laboratories, dispensaries, and medical treatment centers everywhere. 

Working Directly With Composters 

Creating wider access to accepted compost facilities

Celise tests product compostability with independent compost organizations to find the best composting method for each of our packaging products. Celise HCM01 material has shown 88% degradation in 46 day facilities; 90%+ in 60 day M-ASP facilities; and 90%+ in 12 months active home composting. 

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Extended Producer Responsibility

  Creating a circular waste system founded on the compostable products     we produce to offer our customers a zero waste packaging solution.  

Quality compostable materials have the potential for multiple reuses in a closed-loop waste system. We've set out to lead by example that producers can manufacture sustainable packaging while taking charge of truly recycling packaging waste with their customers. 

It's Worth A Conversation

Let's connect to see if we're a mutual fit with your project needs. Please let us know what you're looking for via the form below, and we'll get in touch with you within 48 hours. 


Thank you for inquiring! We'll be in touch soon.

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