2019 Kilner Group Young Entrepreneurship Scholarship Award Winner
2019 UGA Great Consumer Brands Competition Winner
2019 TCU Values and Ventures Competition Winner
2019 Princeton TigerLaunch Top Finalist
2019 MassChallenge Houston Accelerator Alum
2019 Ocean Exchange - Broward College Innovation Award Winner
Celise was recognized and nominated as a 2019 DC Inno Top 50 on Fire Company. Read the full release here.

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Celise BioProducts' EcoStraws are our signature plant-based disposable offering. Made from renewable resources and sustainably sourced from feedstock reserves, our straws are 100% certified compostable in commercial composting facilities!


EcoStraws help to replace single-use plastic pollution with a sustainable alternative that is non-soggy (unlike paper) and meets customer expectations in usability without any of the negative environmental drawbacks (like plastics). Our straws:

  • Are non-toxic and oil free

  • Produced with 65% less energy than traditional plastics

  • Emit 78% less greenhouse gases than traditional plastics

  • Certified compostable in commercial composting facilities

  • Regulative-ban compliant*


See the Product "Specifications" section for more product-specific information.

Celise Standard Transparent EcoStraws

    • Length: 7.75" (Standard)
    • Diameter: 6mm (Standard - Jumbo)
    • Color: Transparent
    • These Straws Are Wrapped: "COMPOSTABLE STRAW - COLD DRINK USE ONLY"
    • Material: Plant Starches - Compostable Material
    • Case Packaging: Standard 5,000 straws per case
      • Internal Packaging: 20 packs of 250 straws per case
    • Standard Case Weight: 12.5 lbs.