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Celise BioProducts' EcoStraws are our signature plant-based disposable offering. Made from renewable resources and sustainably sourced from feedstock reserves, our straws are 100% certified compostable in commercial composting facilities!


EcoStraws help to replace single-use plastic pollution with a sustainable alternative that is non-soggy (unlike paper) and meets customer expectations in usability without any of the negative environmental drawbacks (like plastics). Our straws:

  • Are non-toxic and oil free

  • Produced with 65% less energy than traditional plastics

  • Emit 78% less greenhouse gases than traditional plastics

  • Certified compostable in commercial composting facilities

  • Regulative-ban compliant*


See the Product "Specifications" section for more product-specific information.

Celise Milkshake EcoStraws

Color: Black
    • Length: 7.75" 
    • Diameter: 7mm (Giant)
    • Color: Classic Black
    • These Straws Are Wrapped: "COMPOSTABLE STRAW - COLD DRINK USE ONLY"
    • Material: Plant Starches - Compostable Material
    • Case Packaging: Standard 5,000 straws per case
      • Internal Packaging: 20 packs of 250 straws per case
    • Standard Case Weight: 13 lbs.