Press Release: Celise Completes Development of Adding PHA Straws, Disposables to Product offering

(10/06/2020 - Washington, D.C.) Celise BioProducts is proud to announce, after over 10 months of coordination, that we are able to offer marine and soil biodegradable PHA drinking straws to our customers.

This offering comes at a critical time as more plastic bans rise across the country, now starting to incorporate commercial compostable straws in the ban. "This is tremendous for us to be able to offer these straws to customers," says Chief Plastic Eliminator, Nii Harper. "They look and feel like plastic, but are made from microorganisms. These straws go great with Celise's mission and product direction in getting quality, truly biodegradable disposables to our customers."

Polyhydroxyalkanoates, PHA for short, is the result of fermenting microorganisms and subjecting them to extreme stress to produce a certain protein compound that can be extracted as a powder and converted into plastic-resin form. "The way it works is, you feed these microorganisms greenhouse gases. They get fat and happy, and then you start to extract the protein they produce from these gases as a white powder that then be turned into use for plastic injection or extrusion applications," says founder, Cameron Ross.

Celise is now offering up to 5 million units per month in production capacity, with plans to expand in Q2 2021.

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