Press Release: Celise Completes Compilation of 300+ Florida Municipalities Plastic Bans

(10/02/2020 - Washington, D.C.) Celise BioProducts recently completed a comprehensive compilation of 300+ Florida municipalities and their positions on plastic straw bans. You can access the list here:

"Florida has always been difficult to navigate for foodservice brands," says founder Cameron Ross. "Largely because the state does not have a uniform position on plastic straw bans. Our hope is that this list makes it easier for foodservice providers with locations in Florida to understand what they can and cannot use in each municipality as some have very strict bans to other having nothing at all. It is a tool for purchasing managers and directors to consult when needed."

This list is still ongoing for a select few cities, such as Miami Beach, on the position of PHA allowance. Celise is currently coordinating with the Sustainability departments for Miami Beach and Palm Beach on further clarification. This spreadsheet will be updated accordingly.

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