Celise BioProducts’ Compostable Pre-Roll Containers Accepted in Compost Facility Return Program

Updated: Mar 11

[Washington, D.C. 03/07/2022] Celise BioProducts is pleased to announce the acceptance of our HCM01 compostable pre-roll containers in Prince George's County Organics Compost Facility. Celise will begin a deposit and return program for our pre-roll containers this month, including an online Pack and Ship system for end-users to send their tubes back to us after use, if no home composting or local return receptacle is available. Gaining acceptance with Prince George County makes HCM01-116 pre-roll tubes the first in the legal cannabis market to have a compostable bioplastic return program and compost facility acceptance for a full-circle packaging economy.

"Having a compost facility accept our pre-roll tubes is a major milestone for us on our mission to create full-circle packaging solutions made from compostable materials. Most importantly, it provides the cannabis industry a long-awaited alternative to plastic pre-roll containers made from 100% renewable and compostable materials, with a means to return them back into carbon and usable soil on a larger scale.”

- Cameron Ross, Founder

The Pack and Ship return program is an internal endeavor that brings responsibility back onto Celise BioProducts for the packaging it produces. An online return program provides our brand partners that use HCM01 pre-roll containers and their customers a free way to send back their tubes to us after consuming its contents. This way, we can clean the tubes at a central source to ensure no contaminants enter the compost facility and close the waste loop.

About the Product

HCM01-116 pre-roll tubes are made from a proprietary blend of pre-certified compostable biomaterials that offer a combination of strength and pliability to rival plastic performance. The vials are certified child resistant with a squeeze-to-open top and living hinge. They are naturally off-white as a resin, but matte black and custom colorants are available.

HCM01-116 was designed with three key metrics in mind: Degradability, Functionality, and Strength. Packaging performance is crucial when it comes to consumable products that depend on freshness. HCM01 tubes offer a balanced blend of performance and sustainability for cannabis brands and consumers looking for more eco-conscious packaging solutions.

As many brands continue to look for the next sustainable packaging solution to single-use pre-roll tubes, Celise BioProducts is excited about the new opportunities facility acceptance will provide both our organization and the cannabis industry. We can start to eliminate hundreds of thousands of pounds of new plastic resource consumption, per month, with our recent product line expansion to cut costs and increase production. The Return and Ship program will be live on our site later this month.

About Celise BioProducts

Celise BioProducts is a sustainable packaging manufacturer in the USA that specializes in creating sustainable packaging solutions for regulated packaging industries. Founded out of American University in Washington D.C., the company has grown to offer 100% compostable material packaging as its material status quo, with marine degradable and multi-applicator material blends available to suit performance requirements. Celise BioProducts designs compostable packaging for full-circle waste economies. The organization is creating a return and collection program both online and in dispensaries to properly divert our packaging to composting.