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How HCM01 Material Product Degradation Works

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A Celise HCM01 product must be placed in an environment where conditions allow microorganisms to thrive, such as in a home or commercial compost facility. 

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Moisture, heat, and aeration (turnover) of a properly balanced compost pile all work together to create the perfect environment microorganisms need.

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The microorganisms break down the HCM01 material into carbon and water, leaving no trace particles behind. 

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Otherwise, HCM01 material products can function on par with plastic performance for up to 18 months.

And eliminate the need for oil-based plastics as a single-use or economically accessible performance material.

Conserving valuable landfill space and non-renewable materials while reducing oceanic pollution.

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Understand Our Pre-Roll Tube Life Cycle in 3 Steps


Tubes are returned, melted down, and remanufactured as a new product, reducing consumption and waste.


Non-reusable material is sent to our accepted compost facility partner, where tubes are composted within 60 days.


Customers can compost tubes at home in active compost piles, where they will decompose more than 90% within 12 months.

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