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How to Compost Celise HCM01 CR Tubes

Our products are designed for composting, not landfilling. To get started, one will need an active compost pile that is properly balanced. Our tubes need microbial activity to essentially 'eat' the containers, like those naturally found in composts. 

Check to ensure your label is fully compostable, like those found on the Fresh Connection (MA). If the label is not compostable, you need to remove it before composting the tube.

Place your tube in the compost pile. Continue to add to and maintain the pile as you normally would - the higher the heat and the healthier the compost, the faster the tubes decompose. 

In about six months, you should no longer be able to see any large subsection of the tube remaining. By maintaining the pile we mean:

  1.  Elevate temperatures for as long as possible

  2.  Keep the pile damp with moisture, but not wet

  3.  Balance the C:N ratio with proper pile additions

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