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The Pre-Roll Tube Proving Its Claims

HCM01-116 tubes have achieved select composter acceptance for modified-ASP composting types, and are the first containers with approval in the cannabis industry. Celise's HCM01-116 pre-roll tubes are made with our Home Compostable Material (HCM01) after two years of material development to create the most balanced blend of packaging quality, strength, and performance on the market today, without compromising its sustainable integrity.

Biodegradable pre-roll tube

Waste Reduction at Scale

HCM01-116 pre-roll tubes are manufactured by experienced bio-material specialists in Oregon, USA. After months of processing work and increasing production capabilities, Celise is proud to operate with the ability to replace over 50,000 lbs. of highly landfilled single-use plastic tubes per month while offering custom coloring options for brands that have specific PMS code needs.

The New Packaging Quo.

HCM01-116mm pre-roll containers are high quality, renewable pre-roll tubes developed with industry feedback and direct composter testing to create the most sustainable pre-roll tube on the market.

  • Certified Child Resistant & Senior-Friendly

  • Fits up to two King Size rolls or three smaller rolls

  • Unique snap-fit top with living hinge for biomaterials

  • Extended shelf-life and heat tolerance until composted

  • Optimized material for composters and packagers alike

Home Compostable Pre-Roll Tubes
Celise HCM01 Home Compostable Pre-Roll Tube

Consumer Preferences Are Changing:

Can HCM01 Tubes Provide $20,000 in Additional Revenue Through Sustainable Retention?

A Bottom Line Case Study for Cannabis Brands

You are the proud VP of Operations of a growing MSO. You've spent years cultivating a solid supply chain and brand image to sell 192,000 pre-rolls per year. There's been some internal pressure to make good on CSR/ESG goals, and you've had a few consumer requests for less plastic waste. You know your market demographic and can no longer ignore the research reports indicating the rise in sustainability-led retention and competition.

Cost of Current Plastic Packaging:

192,000 x $0.10 = $19,200

Cost of HCM01-116 Tubes:

192,000 x $0.20 = $38,400

Pre-Roll Revenue ($11.99 per tube):

192,000 x $11.99 = $2,302,080

Customer Retention Increase By:

x 1%

x 2%

x 3%

Additional Retention Unit Sales:

192,000 x 0.01 =


New Retention Revenue:

1,920 x 11.99 =


Additional Cost of Packaging:

1,920 x $0.20 =


$22,636.80 Net Increase

192,000 x 0.02 =


3,840 x 11.99 =


3,840 x $0.20 =


$45,275.60 Net Increase

192,000 x 0.03 =


5,760 x 11.99 =


5,760 x $0.20 =


$68,010.40 Net Increase

Increased environmental awareness across demographics is changing consumer preferences and shopping behaviors. More consumers are reporting eco-conscious purchasing decisions and becoming stronger brand advocates than previous generations. 

The NYU Center for Sustainable Business (CSB) found that 50% of sales growth among CPGs between 2013 and 2018 came from products marketed as sustainable, despite the fact that such goods account for fewer than 17% of the market.

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