Environmental Benefit Tracking
Know Your Impact.

For every client. For every sale. For every sample. For every donation. Celise BioProducts tracks every order's environmental benefit compared to what would have been if it were plastic instead. We care about measuring up to the challenge in replacing traditional plastics with sustainable alternatives. You can check your progress under your Account page to see how much oil you've preserved, CO2 emissions reduced, and electricity conserved from production. Feel good about knowing that you're doing your part to Help Clean This Earth.

What is the Measure For?

Measuring your impact is a great way for us to showcase our community's involvement and accelerate our work with the organizations we partner with in cleaning up plastic waste, reducing carbon emissions, and conserving energy. It also enables you to show-off your brand's commitment to the Earth through sustainable packaging (and bragging rights).

Well that's Cool!

Indeed. In fact, we love tracking your environmental impacts so much that we award the top Preserver with a special gift every year! The brand or person that conserves the most will also get special features on our social media, web pages, and other perks that we at Celise are only too happy to promote!