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  We Want Your Help to Make Sustainable Packaging Accessible to All.  
Work with us to usher in the next generation of packaging.
There are no shortage of statistics highlighting the environmental detriments of plastic pollution. And if you're here reading this now, you've probably been exposed to enough of them not to get a lecture from us. We're focused on change: making change and being the changemaker. We're actively bringing the costs of biomaterials back down to earth to compete with conventional plastics to make sustainable packaging practices more accessible to the masses. We're redesigning regulated packaging with both the environment and practicality in mind for higher quality, dual-purpose functionality. Most importantly, we're empowering brands and consumers alike to be better environmental stewards through education and retention. Packaging is just a part of what we are; sustainable change is who we are.
Leverage Our Award-Winning Packaging to Enable Sustainability for Your Customers
Our foodservice packaging alternatives have won numerous competitions, earning Celise BioProducts a spot as an INNO's Top 50 on Fire Startup and won the Broward College x Ocean Exchange Innovation Award. With our pivot in COVID to become a broader biomaterial provider for regulated packaging, we heated up the DC INNO 25 Under 25 list and were named as one of the top 250 installments of Forbes' Next 1000 list. 
Planned 2021 Product Pipeline Expansion
We're launching full-range packaging lines for the cannabis and pharmaceutical industries in 2021 to have a comprehensive offering of alternative biomaterial packaging to replace traditional plastics. As a custom contract manufacturer for alternative biopackaging to plastic, we routinely collaborate with clients to satisfy product gaps and offer a multitude of various material possibilities. 
Empowering Brands to Manifest Environmental Stewardship
In highly regulated packaging markets like the cannabis industry, there are little to no sustainable alternatives available to brands despite increased consumer scrutiny to reduce environmental footprints. With Celise, our packaging does more than assisting brands in positively positioning their sustainable image and replacing plastic. We offer materials that can achieve carbon negativity, products designed for dual practicalities, and services like labeling that maintain the compostable nature of our products.
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