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HCM01 Pre-Roll Tubes Disposal Guide

Method 1: Home Composting

Highlight: If accessible, composting HCM01 tubes at home offers carbon-rich nutrients to your compost pile and decreases costs of new compost purchases. 

Requirements: moderate-high heat (summer sun accelerates the composting time), light moisture and aerated turnover once a week. continuously add to compost as you normally would while active.

Step 1

Remove the label. Labels can contaminate your compost and may never breakdown. Compostable labels and marine soluble labels are okay. If you are unsure, it is best to remove it entirely.

Step 2

Sterilize. Rinse out any residue inside the container using warm water. Do not place the container in a dishwasher. We want to ensure no harmful contaminants are going into your compost!

Step 3

Place in your compost pile. Make sure your container is completely covered and lightly damp. It helps if your compost heap or system receives direct sunlight to aid the process. Continue adding your organic food scraps, coffee grounds, and yard trimmings with active turnover as you normally would until the container has completely degraded into the compost. Tubes can take up to ten months to compost in minimally-maintained compost heaps, but as low as six months if properly maintained.

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Watch our Instagram Story to see the steps in action and our live home compost demonstration started on July 25th!


Method 2 & 3: Collection Program & Nationwide Facility Acceptance

We're working to add both a collection program partnership and composting facility network to our means of disposal in our effort to create a circular packaging economy. Check back soon for continuous updates, a dispensary receptacle map, and a list of composting facilities that accept HCM01.