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Concept through Production

(design and manufacturing capabilities)

Our team can render concept drawings based on your packaging needs. We are prolific technicians in creating packaging that conforms to current regulations in your industry. If you have preexisting designs and molds, we can take those as well to either contract a new mold build, or proceed to full-scale production. We specialize in small to mid-size parts and lean manufacturing efficacy. 

We'll help take your brand plastic-free

While we currently only offer a select product line of alternative packaging types, we have over 23 products currently in design & development (and continually adding more). We provide exclusive manufacturing services in addition to our main lines for custom or protected packaging. Celise BioProducts can help create or produce biomaterial solutions for your brand no matter the challenge.

Material Versatility and Know-how

It's no secret biomaterials are notoriously difficult to work with compared to traditional plastics. We bring years of experience specifically with bioplastics and biomaterial innovations to our product lines, including better performing molds, principled material processing, and the ability to design parts that factor shrinkage. We're habitually equipping our technical aptitude in working with biomaterials. 

Let's Start With a Conversation

If you are interested in starting a discussion with us to fulfill your biopackaging requirements, please fill out the brief form below and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. To ensure we provide a quality follow-up to what you are seeking, be as descriptive as possible for us! 

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