What is Celise+?
Celise+ is a membership program that allows small and medium-size businesses to cut costs, automate shipments, receive tailored pricing, and improve overall efficiency. Becoming a Celise+ client, you'll have access to exclusive and curated deals, receive personalized product samples and eco-awareness merchandise, and your very own representative to contact when needed from the Celise Team. You'll also be a part of the Celise+ Community, where you'll be a part of "Our Partners" page and join the group of Earth-Savers everywhere! Join today to see how your business can benefit by being Celise+.
What Do I Get?
Free shipping on all orders​
Curated deals and exclusive offers
Dedicated Representative as a PoC for your reference
Optional automatic invoices (with net payment options)
Featured Partner on our partners' page
Automated order execution (1-click reorders)
Enrollment in our Affinity Program, where you can receive longevity discounts the longer you stay with us!​