Celise Home Compostable J-Tubes 

Child resistant, sustainable alternative to plastic pre-roll packaging

Pre-roll tubes in bowl
Pre-roll tubes in bowl

Open pre-roll tube on table
Open pre-roll tube on table

Celise home compostable pre-roll tubes
Celise home compostable pre-roll tubes

Pre-roll tubes in bowl
Pre-roll tubes in bowl


Home Compostable J-Tube Vial Containers

  • Compostable in backyard or home compost systems

  • Squeeze-to-open top, snap-fit feature & living hinge

  • Certified child resistant & senior-friendly

  • Oat milk white & flat black color options

  • Air-tight to ensure content freshness

  • Distinctive texture; naturally opaque

  • Affordable market fit

  • 116mm King Size (4.5" x 0.75" dia.)

  • Made 100% in the USA

Brand & Environmental Benefits

  • Distinctive texture and coloring to showcase the sustainable nature of our material composition. 

  • Cost-effective to comparable glass, PCR, and commercially compostable pre-roll tubes.

  • Quality that exceeds traditional low-cost plastic usability.

  • Home, municipal, or commercially compostable for wider disposal access to consumers. 

  • Currently undergoing degradation time testing with the CMA.

  • 90% less CO2 emissions than plastics.

  • Conserves 0.4 gallons of oil for every pound produced.

  • Saves 1.7X the amount of kWh in the production process as opposed to conventional plastics.

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