2019 Kilner Group Young Entrepreneurship Scholarship Award Winner
2019 UGA Great Consumer Brands Competition Winner
2019 TCU Values and Ventures Competition Winner
2019 Princeton TigerLaunch Top Finalist
2019 MassChallenge Houston Accelerator Alum
2019 Ocean Exchange - Broward College Innovation Award Winner
Celise was recognized and nominated as a 2019 DC Inno Top 50 on Fire Company. Read the full release here.


An Environmental Stewardship Company

All of Celise's product offerings are made, at the least, from plant starches and fibers. Our products are 100% certified compostable around the world from EN13432 to BPI ASTM D6400. We not only provide eco-friendly products to our clients, but environmentally-responsible advice to help reduce unnecessary waste consumption and reprimand improper disposal of product materials. We also partner with renowned initiatives and non-profits to help clean up river and oceanic plastic waste.

"Rooting Conservation Into Our Everyday Life."

- Celise Mission Statement

The Future of Foodservice (and Direction of Celise)

Every day, single-use plastics are being banned in ordinances across the United States (and across the world). Regulation is a necessity to curve single-use waste, however, it has left foodservice providers without a quality solution to regulation. Paper has been the go-to choice, but many consumers are not fans of the sogginess nor contribution to deforestation, and providers are not fans of the cost. Celise constantly adapts the latest market innovations that fit our criteria that help both our clients and the environment in terms of: Cost, Quality, and Degradation Time. Regulation will continue to branch out from local to state jurisdictions; it is our Purpose to ensure our partner foodservice and hospitality providers are equipped with sustainable, compliant products that do not compromise quality, nor their bottom line. 

Supporting a Mission-Led Endeavor

Working with Celise means not only supporting a deaf-run small business, but joining a cause that works towards an end goal. Replacing plastic is only one part of the equation - the question in this industsry is: what do we replace them with? Paper, hay, and single-use bamboo straws don't cut it when it comes to quality nor price for foodservice providers. At Celise, we believe our 100% natural, compostable bioplastics are not the end solution, but they are the next best step in the right direction today in terms of cost, quality, and compostability while we continue to introduce new materials in the market that further biodegradability efforts. Supporting us is not supporting today, it's an investment into a cleaner Earth tomorrow.