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Championing Sustainability: A Brand Core Principle

We want everyone to have a basic understanding of how to practice environmental stewardship. Stewardship is the job of taking care of or looking after something. One of the most profound ways you can effortlessly practice sustainability is by choosing to use the proper packaging, reusing when able and, knowing how to dispose of it. Check out our Sustainability page to learn more.

Creating Responsible Waste Economy Awareness

It is easy to think that the life of packaging ends at the trash can or recycling bin, even though we know it doesn't. Only 9% of all plastics end up recycled; the rest are in your local landfills, waterways, or the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. We believe packaging design should help the environment, not harm it, at its end life. By using certified compostable or marine-degradable materials, we're partnering with upcycle organizations and piloting a DRS (Deposit Return System) at select dispensaries in 2021 to begin implementing our Celise Environmental Exposure Prevention System (CEEPS). Please contact us if you are interested in partaking in this pilot program.

Aiding Brands in Actualizing ESGs​

Consumers, corporations, and policymakers are realizing the damaging effects of plastic pollution on our natural environment and well-being. Our packaging offers external benefits in addition to plastic reduction, including carbon deduction, neutrality, or negative material options. All of our materials save a significant amount of energy in the production process compared to plastic, and we offer a variety of compostable or water-soluble labeling options. Ask us about adding QR code-enabled supply chain transparency trackers to your brand's packaging. 

Cross-Industry Packaging Solutions

We started off replacing single-use plastics in the foodservice industry, from straws to full-service solutions to make an establishment 100% plastic-free. Now, we've shifted focus to offer our materials and packaging savvy as a more packaging-centric provider with an acute eye for regulated packaging industries (cannabis, pharmaceuticals, body wash, cosmetics, age restricted packaging, etc.). Whatever industry you're in, we're happy to explore new opportunities with your brand to massively replace plastic.

We're Always Open to Input

Sometimes when you're constantly working, you might get tunnel vision and set on just one thing. It's important for us to keep our eyes open and listen to our customers for what packaging they need plastic replaced for. Fill out the form below if you have any packaging ideas or suggestions for us to offer, or if you have something you particularly want, let us know what it is and how many you need! We can start taking the steps to making it a reality.

Thank you for letting us know!