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Eliminating the need for plastic as a single-use material

Who We Are

At Celise, we're dedicated to manufacturing quality packaging made from a blend of biomaterials designed to achieve plastic functionality, without the environmental consequences.

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Rooted in Sustainability,

Niched in Regulated Packaging

We specialize in medical and other regulatory-compliant packaging. Medical-grade packaging is often too small for recycling systems to process, which is why we're building out an Extended Producer Responsible (EPR) return program with dispensaries, pharmacies, and laboratories to create a circular packaging economy with zero waste.

Helping Cannabis Operators Reduce Plastic Waste

Home Compostable Pre-Roll Tubes

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Our 116mm pre-roll containers are made from our HCM01 performance material, achieving select compost facility acceptance in the U.S. and are home compostable in 12 months.*

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