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The New Packaging Quo
For Cannabis Operators

Our Home Compostable Pre-Roll Tubes are the first and only to achieve select composter acceptance in product form for the cannabis industry.

home compostable pre-roll tubes

Since 2018, Celise BioProducts has...

100,000 lbs.

Replaced over 100,000 lbs. of single-use plastics in foodservice and cannabis

Reduced over 250,000 lbs. of C02 emissions compared to plastic

Conserved over 12,500 cubic feet of landfill space otherwise occupied by plastic

And has directly composted over 3,500 lbs. of our material products!


Celise's HCM01-116 Pre-Roll Tubes are the only tube with select compost facility acceptance and the first with acceptance in the greater cannabis packaging industry. We work directly with composters for real-time and verifiable degradation results of our packaging to increase compost waste stream accessibility while designing our products to meet composter best practices at home or on a commercial scale.

Biodegradable pre-roll tube

12 month biodegradation results - inactive, soil-buried pile (non-compost)

Grown From Necessity: A Pivot Story

Celise wasn't always a regulated biopackaging manufacturer. Before the COVID pandemic, we were still finding our way as a compostable foodservice disposables manufacturer in Washington, D.C. We proudly supplied four of the largest eight FS distributors, and replaced over six million straws in the D.C. area within twelve months.

When the pandemic hit, nearly all of our operations came to a grinding halt. We had to take a critical reassessment of both our business model and the state of the industry. At the same time, we were continually contacted by cannabis brands asking if we could make child resistant containers in sustainable form. We realized that Celise was uniquely positioned both for material and product design to create truly compostable, sustainable solutions for regulated packaging providers.

And that's what we did. Since April 2020, Celise BioProducts began a complete operational pivot to manufacture sustainable cannabis and pharmaceutical packaging. We've spent two years developing the most balanced biomaterial blend of durability, strength, and performance for necessary industry-regulated packaging features. We haven't looked back since.