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Home Compostable J-Tubes Now Available.


February, 2021

Celise BioProducts made the inaugural Forbes Next 1000 list! The Next 1000 is, "a list of innovators and inspiring small business leaders from all backgrounds and industries who are redefining what it means to build and run a business, amid unprecedented uncertainty." Celise was part of the first installment of 250 companies released every quarter, and screened by top judges including the Forbes editors, A-Rod, Reid Hoffman, Sheryl Sandberg, and others. We are humbled to be alongside the other ventures that made this list!

The Sustainable Alternative to Plastic Vials

Our 116mm pre-roll container tubes are made from a proprietary blend of natural and synthetic biopolymers, of which all inputs meet the ASTM D6400 standard for full compostability. The blend composition has been uniquely altered to achieve home compostability, meaning these tubes are a great addition to your backyard compost heap after reuse! 

Celise J-tubes offer a distinctive texture and a natural "oat milk white" color, as its been dubbed by those who have seen it. Also available in flat black, these tubes are a sure-fire way to make your brand stand out and contribute to corporate ESGs in a responsible way without compromising safety, quality, or the environment. 100% made in the USA.

Designing packaging to help the environment, not harm it.


Founded on the hiking trails of frustration, Celise BioProducts set out to transform our interactions with conventional plastic packaging through biomaterial and manufacturing excellence. While unveiling our home compostable material and applicable pre-roll tube containers as our first introduction in a new corporate direction, we've been replacing plastic on a massive scale in foodservice for iconic brands since 2018. We've committed ourselves to bettering the regulated packaging markets, such as cannabis and pharmaceuticals, by providing custom contract solutions able to handle a wide range of manufacturing capabilities, from prototype drawing to full-scale production; all made from oil-free, renewable materials. 

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2021 Environmental Impact Forecast


pounds of plastic replaced


gallons of oil preserved


pounds of C02 emissions reduced


kWh of energy saved

Work with us to make your packaging work for the environment.​

If you are a brand or company considering sustainable packaging alternatives to traditional petroleum-based plastics, get in touch with us to have a discussion about your packaging needs. We can handle all stages of development, from prototyping to full-scale manufacturing. We have a selection of multiple compostable and marine-degradable material options, as well as the ability to do product-specific compounding, to ensure the quality, affordability, and performance of your packaging that you expect. 

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